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Providing copies of patient records is a financial and risk burden on your practice. It's labor intensive and if not done correctly can result in substantial fines and loss of patient trust. Collecting revenue can be complicated due to the variable rate structure forbilling for copies.

Spectrum Information Services, NW Inc.'s ROI+ solution automates the release process and dramatically reduces risk. Our electronic solution allows requests to be efficiently managed and fulfilled while providing a HIPAA compliant delivery method.

ROI+ automatically calculates the maximum billable amount for each request and generates an invoice for the requester. ROI+ also creates the HIPAA required disclosure log and maintains all release data for 7 years as mandated by HIPAA.

ROI+ helps you get rid of paper, reducing costs for paper, toner, postage fees, and wear and tear on copy machines.


  • Records requests are fulfilled faster, reducing annoying and time wasting calls from requestors
  • Free up staff to focus on revenue generating activities
  • Stop making paper copies of records that are already electronic in your EMR
  • Payments are collected before records are released
  • Easy to use credit card payment mechanism
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Yakima HIPAA HITECH Systems

Compliance with Yakima HIPAA HITECH systems is more important than ever. At SIS NW, Inc, we offer a software solution that is the envy of our competitors.
  • Our intuitive and sophisticated proprietary Yakima HIPAA ROI software can track, process, and report on the HIPAA Release of Information process
  • We are 100% compliant with Yakima HIPAA HITECH systems and HIPAA Release of Information protocols
  • Our Yakima HIPAA ROI software can be installed in your facility, or release requests can be forwarded to us for start-to-finish service
  • Our Yakima HIPAA HITECH solutions guarantees full electronic release of information, which significantly lowers printing costs
  • Our staff is trained in HIPAA ROI and AHIMA credentialed management

Yakima HIPAA HITECH Solutions and HIPAA ROI Software from SIS NW, Inc

Release of health information dramatically increases the workload of your staff, and opens you up to considerable liability. HIPAA ROI requirements and Yakima HIPAA HITECH system compliance further complicate the release of medical information process, and are often confusing to untrained personnel.

At SIS NW, Inc, our Yakima HIPAA ROI software is not only 100% HIPAA HITECH compliant, but it was designed with the user in mind. Release of health information requesters can receive patient records in as little as one business day with our proprietary Yakima HIPAA HITECH systems, while costly printing is entirely eliminated.

Best of all, clients using our Yakima HIPAA ROI software get the same excellent customer service we supply to users of our medical records copy service. Release of patient information has never been easier, and our Yakima HITEC solutions are reasonably priced and competitive with other Yakima HIPAA ROI software vendors.

Would you like more information about our reliable, intuitive Yakima HIPAA HITECH Systems? Contact us today and speak with a representative who can prove to you that we do far more than copy medical records at SIS NW, Inc.

Just a Few of The Things that Make Our Yakima HIPAA HITECH Solutions Better

  • Fully electronic medical records release that eliminates printing costs
  • 100% HIPAA HITECH compliance
  • Also fully compliant with HIPAA release of information requirements and WA State WACs and RCWs
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Yakima HIPAA ROI software
  • Fully transparent medical records release reporting and processing
  • Unmatched customer service for all of our Yakima HIPAA HITECH Solutions
  • Convenient online payment portal
  • Release of information records received in one business day
  • Automated upload to the Social Security Administration for HIPAA ROI disability requests
  • Our staff is trained in AHIMA credentialed managed and HIPAA compliance

Yakima HIPAA HITECH Systems - Yakima HIPAA ROI Software

Contact us today and find out more about our Yakima HIPAA HITECH Systems and HIPAA ROI Software.


Yakima, WA Tidbits

Yakima is located in the heart of Central Washington. The community is a premier place to play, work, and live. Yakama offers its residents a strong sense of community, a fairly low cost of living, a central location, and beautiful weather.

Since the community of Yakima was established over 125 years ago, it has been the governmental, health services, educational, business, and cultural focal point of the Central Washington area. Yakima has grown to become a diverse, vibrant metropolitan from its agricultural roots that was initially established next to the new Northern Pacific Railroad Company line. Yakima is the heart of Central Washington with its bright future and rich history.

No one is really sure how Yakima was named. Of the several theories about the origins of the name of the community one of the more popular is based on a legend about the daughter of an Indian chief who left her home after she broke some rules of the tribe. The daughter of this chief lived next to the Yakima River. The current location of the community of Yakima is believed to be located close to where the daughter of the chief settled. It is also commonly believed that Yakima is the plural form of the native word for black bear, which translates into yah-kah.

In 1805, the first American expedition into the area occurred. The explorers Lewis and Clark made their way through the region and told may stories about the fertile soil and abundant wildlife. In what is currently known as the Yakima Valley, a Catholic Mission was established in 1847. In order to deal with the ongoing battles between the white pioneers and the native Indian tribes in the region, and to establish Fort Simcoe, the U.S. President James Buchanan sent an American garrison to the area in 1858. The very presence of Fort Simcoe ended the supposed Yakima Indian Wars, which paved the way for the arrival of additional white pioneers.

Although a dispute between the Northern Pacific railroad company and the land owners resulted in the establishment of a new settlement approximately four miles north of the initial location, the year 1883 brought the incorporation of Yakima as a city. By having horses pull them atop rolling logs, over 100 buildings were relocated to this new location. In 1886, this new community known as North Yakima was officially incorporated. However, in 1918, the name of the community was officially changed to Yakima by the Washington State Legislature.

Agriculture has always supported the economy in Yakima. There are many different crops that are grown in the Yakima Valley. The fact is that Yakima County is the leader in the State of Washington in terms of the value of the agriculture products that are produced by the farmers in the county, such as grains, vegetables, and fruits.

For a rather long time, the area has been known as one of the leading producers of apples in the world. Also grown in the region are apricots, nectarines, pears, peaches, cherries as well as other tree fruits. Among the over 30 different varieties, of vegetables and fruits that are produced in the Yakima Valley, some include eggplant, berries, hay, asparagus and mint. This area produces approximately 75% of all of the key ingredients in making beer known as hops that are grown in the U.S. There aren't many people who are aware of that fact.

There are more than 250 manufacturing companies located in Yakima that produce many different products that include communications technology, recreational vehicles, plastic products, wood products, and airplane parts, although Yakima is still dependent on agriculture to support the local economy. The quickest growing segment of the economy in Yakima is tourism. Tourists are regularly attracted here to purchase and sample the international renowned varietals from over 70 wineries that are located in the Yakima Valley. Yakima is a favorite destination for people from all over the world as well as the tourists from throughout the to enjoy outdoor recreation, such as white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, boating, fishing and snow and water skiing.

The climate in the Yakima Valley is frequently described as a semi-arid desert. During the four distinct reasons Yakima offers approximately 300 days of sunshine annually. Usually in the spring, the temperatures in the daytime temperatures range from 60 degrees to 70 degrees. There is likely to be some rain falling. The dry temperatures during the summertime will range from between 85 degrees and 95 degrees during the daytime. However, a few times each your, the thermometer can reach more than 100 degrees. The fall arrives and offers high temperatures from 50 to 60 degrees, although at night, it can cool down to 30 degrees or 40 degrees. Usually snow is rather common and the temperatures in the wintertime are between 20 degrees and 30 degrees. Overall, the climate in Yakima is primarily dry and arid. The region only averages approximately eight inches of precipitation each year.

Yakima has a population of approximately 92,000 people and is the largest community in Yakima County. These days, the community of Yakima enjoys the rich combination of people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.