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Providing copies of patient records is a financial and risk burden on your practice. It's labor intensive and if not done correctly can result in substantial fines and loss of patient trust. Collecting revenue can be complicated due to the variable rate structure forbilling for copies.

Spectrum Information Services, NW Inc.'s ROI+ solution automates the release process and dramatically reduces risk. Our electronic solution allows requests to be efficiently managed and fulfilled while providing a HIPAA compliant delivery method.

ROI+ automatically calculates the maximum billable amount for each request and generates an invoice for the requester. ROI+ also creates the HIPAA required disclosure log and maintains all release data for 7 years as mandated by HIPAA.

ROI+ helps you get rid of paper, reducing costs for paper, toner, postage fees, and wear and tear on copy machines.


  • Records requests are fulfilled faster, reducing annoying and time wasting calls from requestors
  • Free up staff to focus on revenue generating activities
  • Stop making paper copies of records that are already electronic in your EMR
  • Payments are collected before records are released
  • Easy to use credit card payment mechanism
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Spokane HIPAA HITECH Systems

Compliance with Spokane HIPAA HITECH systems is more important than ever. At SIS NW, Inc, we offer a software solution that is the envy of our competitors.
  • Our intuitive and sophisticated proprietary Spokane HIPAA ROI software can track, process, and report on the HIPAA Release of Information process
  • We are 100% compliant with Spokane HIPAA HITECH systems and HIPAA Release of Information protocols
  • Our Spokane HIPAA ROI software can be installed in your facility, or release requests can be forwarded to us for start-to-finish service
  • Our Spokane HIPAA HITECH solutions guarantees full electronic release of information, which significantly lowers printing costs
  • Our staff is trained in HIPAA ROI and AHIMA credentialed management

Spokane HIPAA HITECH Solutions and HIPAA ROI Software from SIS NW, Inc

Release of health information dramatically increases the workload of your staff, and opens you up to considerable liability. HIPAA ROI requirements and Spokane HIPAA HITECH system compliance further complicate the release of medical information process, and are often confusing to untrained personnel.

At SIS NW, Inc, our Spokane HIPAA ROI software is not only 100% HIPAA HITECH compliant, but it was designed with the user in mind. Release of health information requesters can receive patient records in as little as one business day with our proprietary Spokane HIPAA HITECH systems, while costly printing is entirely eliminated.

Best of all, clients using our Spokane HIPAA ROI software get the same excellent customer service we supply to users of our medical records copy service. Release of patient information has never been easier, and our Spokane HITEC solutions are reasonably priced and competitive with other Spokane HIPAA ROI software vendors.

Would you like more information about our reliable, intuitive Spokane HIPAA HITECH Systems? Contact us today and speak with a representative who can prove to you that we do far more than copy medical records at SIS NW, Inc.

Just a Few of The Things that Make Our Spokane HIPAA HITECH Solutions Better

  • Fully electronic medical records release that eliminates printing costs
  • 100% HIPAA HITECH compliance
  • Also fully compliant with HIPAA release of information requirements and WA State WACs and RCWs
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Spokane HIPAA ROI software
  • Fully transparent medical records release reporting and processing
  • Unmatched customer service for all of our Spokane HIPAA HITECH Solutions
  • Convenient online payment portal
  • Release of information records received in one business day
  • Automated upload to the Social Security Administration for HIPAA ROI disability requests
  • Our staff is trained in AHIMA credentialed managed and HIPAA compliance

Spokane HIPAA HITECH Systems - Spokane HIPAA ROI Software

Contact us today and find out more about our Spokane HIPAA HITECH Systems and HIPAA ROI Software.

Spokane ROI HIPAA HITECH Systems

Spokane, WA Tidbits

The Spokane Falls and the surrounding area were a focus and the gathering place for the Indian tribes in the region, as the result of the abundance of salmon in the Spokane River and the fertile hunting grounds. The Indian tribes that resided in the region led a seasonal way of life that was comprised of gathering, hunting, and fishing. Originally they primarily hunted antelope and bison. However, they became dependent on fish, berries, and gathering roots once the game had migrated out of the area.

The Spokane Indian tribe had developed permanent winter villages that were usually located on rivers, particularly in places where the fish were plentiful, such as next to rapids by the 1700's. The center of fishing and trade for the Indian tribes was the Spokane Falls. The Spokane tribe was comprised of three bands that lived next to the Spokane River. The Spokane Indian tribe shared their culture and Salishan language with many different other tribes. White fur trappers from the east arrived in the northern Columbia Plateau forests during the early 1800's. They were friendly to the Indian tribes that they encountered. Intermarriage wasn't uncommon and they frequently took on their customs and lived among them. When the North West Company's Spokane House was established on their lands, the Spokane Indian tribe began major trading with white men in 1810.

A geographer and explorer from Canada named David Thompson was the first to explore the Inland Northwest. Mr. Thompson, worked as head of the Columbia Department for the North West Company. Mr. Thompson wanted to expand the North West Company further south in search of furs, mainly beaver, by crossing what is currently known as the U.S./Canadian border from British Columbia. Then Mr. Thompson wanted to expand further west once he had established the Saleesh House and the Kullyspell House trading posts in what is currently known as Montana and Idaho. Mr. Thompson sent two men named Finlan McDonald and Jacques Raphael to the Spokane River in order to establish a trade house that would exchange with the Colville and Spokane Indians in what is currently known as Eastern Washington, in 1810.

Mr. McDonald and Mr. Raphael established the fur trading post, which was he first long term European settlement in the State of Washington. This reason that this particular region was selected was because of the potential trade with the native Indians that lived close by and the large beaver population in the region. The fur post predated the American Fort Astoria by one year and represented the first European business venture in either Oregon or Washington. This trading post was known simply as Spokane or more formally as the Spokane House, and operated between 1810 and 1826.

Both the Hudson's Bay Company and the British North West Company operated the Spokane House. For 16 years, this was the center of the fur trade between the Cascades and the Rockies.

The joint British and American occupation of Oregon Country, which had been in effect since the Treaty of 1818, ended in 1846 when the Oregon treaty was signed. A man named J. Downing with his wife and stepdaughter and a man named S. Scranton were the first American pioneers to settle in the area. In 1871, they established a claim in Spokane Falls and constructed a log cabin on the property. Mr. Scranton and Mr. Downing were both the subjects of arrest warrants held by the U.S. Marshal in Montana that alleged the theft of livestock. Mr. Scranton filed on 160 acres in the north bank and Mr. Downing filed on 160 acres on the south bank. They constructed a small sawmill on a claim that was located close to the southern bank of Spokane Falls together, which was the first commercial building in the community. In 1873, two men from Oregon named Jasper Matheney and James Glover passed recognized the value of the Spokane Falls and the Spokane River after having passed through the area. They realized the investment potential and purchased the sawmill and the claims of 160 acres for $2,000 each from Mr. Scranton and Mr. Downing.

Mr. Matheney and Mr. Glover knew that the Northern Pacific Railroad Company had received a government charter in order to build a primary railroad main line across this northern route. Without much success, Mr. Glover invited pioneers from Oregon to join him. Mr. Glover bought that stake that Mr. Matheney held after Mr. Matheney became doubtful that the Northern Pacific Railroad would ever arrive in 1875. Soldiers spent the winter in Spokane and were fighting a war against the Nez Perce Indians in 1877. Mr. Glover sold goods and food to the soldiers who constructed Fort Coeur d'Alene. Families were encouraged to relocate to Spokane by the presence of soldiers, which expanded the population of the community. Mr. Glover lived with his wife in a building on the southeast corner of what is currently known as Spokane Falls Boulevard and Howard Street. Mr. Glover also became one of the first mayors of the community.

In the Expo of 1974, Spokane was the host of the first environmentally themed World's Fair. This event removed 100 years of the railroad industry that helped to establish the community and reinvented the urban core and transformed the downtown area of Spokane.

Several of the structures that were specifically constructed for the World's Fair are still in use and standing. The Expo, which is situated on Havermale Island, became the 100-acre Riverfront Park, which contains the Great Northern clock tower, and the early 1900's Looff Carousel. The U.S. Clock tower and Pavilion are prominently featured in the logo of the park.