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Vancouver Document Management Systems

We offer paper-eliminating Vancouver document management systems that will streamline your organization while bolstering your bottom line. Modernizing your business with an affordable document management system will help you run faster, leaner, and give you a competitive edge, no matter what business you're in. We offer scanning solutions that will help you automate these business processes:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Records
  • Expense Reports
  • Contracts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Claims Processing
  • Loan Processing
  • and many more scanning solutions...

An Overview of Our Vancouver Document Management Systems

We provide everything from digital mailroom solutions to extracting data from paper documents to routing documents through workflow processes for business process reengineering. We offer both subscription based and on premise licensing models for our software solutions. Streamlining document management is a cost-saving measure that will provide ongoing savings and productivity benefits.

Vancouver Document Scanning Services

When you partner with us to create a Vancouver document management system for your company, you are entrusting us with the most valuable asset you possess – your data. Security is our number one priority when handling your sensitive records for Vancouver document scanning, ensuring that every document remains fully confidential.

Scanning your documents leads to countless benefits, not the least of which is improving their overall security and reducing the cost of managing them. Other benefits of our Vancouver document scanning services include:
  • Documents are instantly accessible and fully searchable
  • Backup and disaster recovery for your paper records
  • Freeing up physical space in your office
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents
  • Added security from document scanning
  • Significantly reduce off-site storage expense

There are numerous cost benefits to our Vancouver document scanning services, so contact us today and receive your own free money-saving analysis.

Vancouver Document Management Systems

Vancouver, WA Tidbits

The Vancouver region has been the home to Native Indians who thrived on the bounty of the river and the forest for thousands of years. An American sailor and trader named Robert Gray became the first non-Indian to enter the famous Columbia River known at the time as the Great River of the West in 1792. A British Lieutenant named Captain George Vancouver became the namesake of the settlement of Vancouver.

The explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark from the U.S. camped at what is currently known as the Captain William Clark Park just east of what is currently known as Vancouver at Cottonwood Beach during the return leg of their famous western expedition in 1806. The region was characterized by Mr. Lewis as the only desired situation for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.

A Doctor named John McLoughlin elected to relocate to the northwestern headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company that was located in Astoria, Oregon to a location that was more favorable upriver in 1825. Therefore, Fort Vancouver was established.

From its critical location on the Columbia River, Fort Vancouver was the hub of all fur trading activity in the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver was also the hub of the British dominance over the Oregon Territory. American control was extended north to the 49th parallel in 1846. Captain Vancouver relocated north to Canada where a new settlement was established as the northwest and became part of the U.S. The year 1875 brought the incorporation of the Canadian community.

American troops arrived to establish the Columbia barracks, which later was renamed to Vancouver. The base served as the military headquarters for the majority of the Pacific Northwest. The neighboring community was known as the City of Columbia.

The year 1858 brought the incorporation of Vancouver as a city. The community of Vancouver developed steadily throughout the remainder of the 1800's. The first railroad line ran east through the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge arrived in Vancouver in 1908. South across the Columbia River a railroad bridge was completed in 1910. The first span of the Interstate Bridge was finished in 1917.

This location was later known as Pearson Field during WW I, and was the location the location of the largest spruce cutting mill in the world. The mill was used to cut raw timber into the lumber required for the hangers that housed the aircraft that helped win the war in Europe. The Kaiser Shipyard in Vancouver built many different vehicles the contributed to the war effort by America during WW II.

The community of Vancouver and its community partners that consist of Washington State, the Fort Vancouver National Trust and the Fort Vancouver National Park have all worked very hard to revitalize the Fort Vancouver National Site. Examples of their work include funding and creating the art and interpretive displays all around the community, supporting the Clark County Historical Museum and restoring the buildings on Officer's Row.

Vancouver has a population of about 159,000 people and is the fourth largest community in Washington State. It is located in the fastest growing and oldest county in Washington known as Clark County. The county has a population of about 425,000 people. The communities of Yacolt, Amboy, La Center, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, Washougal, Camas, and Vancouver are all located in Clark County.

There are mild winters and beautiful summers in Southwestern Washington. The region receives much less rainfall than many other destination communities, contrary to popular belief.

Vancouver is located just north of Portland, Oregon, 120 miles north of Eugene, Oregon, 164 miles south of Seattle, 100 miles east of the Pacific Ocean on the north shore of the Columbia River. Only 15 minutes away are the services of Clark County and Vancouver with the Portland International Airport.

The Clark County Fair that is celebrated each August is considered as the Top 10 National Summer Fairs. Vancouver is listed as the fifth most romantic community in the country in 2015. Vancouver also shared the honor of being the 10th most peaceful metropolitan area along with Portland, Oregon in 2012.

In 2005, as the result of its preservation efforts of the community's natural and cultural heritage, Vancouver was designated as a Preserve America Community. Also, Money Magazine ranked Vancouver as one of the 100 best places to live. This listing considered the cultural, arts, employment, crime rate, economy, and educational offerings by the communities all across America.

In 2003, the National Trust for Historic Preservation placed Vancouver on its list of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations in the U.S. This yearly honor is only bestowed on lovingly preserved and unique cities in America. With over 40 miles of urban trails in Clark County, it should be no surprise that in 1999, Vancouver was awarded the Walkable Community Award from Walking Magazine.