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Portland Document Management Systems

We offer paper-eliminating Portland document management systems that will streamline your organization while bolstering your bottom line. Modernizing your business with an affordable document management system will help you run faster, leaner, and give you a competitive edge, no matter what business you’re in. We offer scanning solutions that will help you automate these business processes:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Records
  • Expense Reports
  • Contracts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Claims Processing
  • Loan Processing
  • and many more scanning solutions…

An Overview of Our Portland Document Management Systems

We provide everything from digital mailroom solutions to extracting data from paper documents to routing documents through workflow processes for business process reengineering. We offer both subscription based and on premise licensing models for our software solutions. Streamlining document management is a cost-saving measure that will provide ongoing savings and productivity benefits.

Portland Document Scanning Services

When you partner with us to create a Portland document management system for your company, you are entrusting us with the most valuable asset you possess – your data. Security is our number one priority when handling your sensitive records for Portland document scanning, ensuring that every document remains fully confidential.

Scanning your documents leads to countless benefits, not the least of which is improving their overall security and reducing the cost of managing them. Other benefits of our Portland document scanning services include:

  • Documents are instantly accessible and fully searchable
  • Backup and disaster recovery for your paper records
  • Freeing up physical space in your office
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents
  • Added security from document scanning
  • Significantly reduce off-site storage expense

There are numerous cost benefits to our Portland document scanning services, so contact us today and receive your own free money-saving analysis.

Portland Document Management Systems

Portland, OR Tidbits

Although the migration on Oregon trail, the arrival of the Hudson bay Trading Company, and the Lewis and Clark expedition can all be with the early history of Oregon, the momentous coin toss by Francis Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy might be somewhat less familiar. However, the largest community in Oregon may never have been born, without Pettygrove’s penny and Lovejoy’s quarter.

It all started in 1843 when a Massachusetts attorney named Asa Lovejoy and a drifter from Tennessee drifter named William Overton beached their canoe along the banks of the Willamette River. Mr. Overton was immediately delighted with the beauty of the of the region and realized that there was some amazing potential for this land that was rich in timber and ringed with mountains. The only problem that he has was that he didn’t have the quarter it took to file a claim for some land. Therefore, he struck a deal with Mr. Lovejoy, which was that Mr. Overton would share his claim to the 640 acre location he called the clearing in exchange for the 25 cents.

However, it wasn’t long before Mr. Overton sold his half of the claim to a man named Francis Pettygrove after becoming bored with building roads and clearing trees. However, the new partners of Mr. Pettygrove and Mr. Lovejoy couldn’t come up with a name for their new community. Mr. Pettygrove was determined to name the new community after his hometown of Portland, Maine, while Mr. Lovejoy was equally determined to name the new community after his hometown of Boston. Known as the Portland Penny, in order to settle the argument, they decided to flip a coin. On two out of three coin tosses, Mr. Pettygrove won.

Mr. Pettygrove and Mr. Lovejoy were sure that the new community of Portland would someday become a prosperous and popular port, with its abundant natural resources and access to deep water. However, they may have been shocked to find out how popular it soon became and for what kind of activities.

Starting during the late 1900’s, Portland had a dark history that started with a hotelier who was notorious for kidnapping young men and selling then to the captains of ships, named Joseph Kelly, also known as Bunko Kelly. There were many operators of hotels and owners of bars that depended in this shanghai trade to supplement their businesses. One of the best in this business was Mr. Kelly. Mr. Kelly would supply the drunken men to the ships that were waiting after being paid by ship captains who were unscrupulous by intoxicating the potential crewmembers. The poor men would awake the following day and be required to work for indefinite periods of time after being stranded at sea.

Mr. Kelly bragged frequently that hit would only take him less than 12 hours to gather a full crew. The captain of a ship would inevitably challenge him. In his determination to fulfill his boast, one evening Mr. Kelly stumbled upon a group who had ran across the open cellar of a mortuary. Each of these men had drank cups of embalming fluid that they had mistakenly believed was alcohol. believing that they were in the cellar of Snug Harbor Pub. When Mr. Kelly located the men several were dying and several other had already died. Mr. Kelly sold all 22 men to a ship’s captain claiming that the men were simply unconscious from drinking too much, whose ship had already sailed prior to the truth being discovered.

Mr. Kelly also delivered a wooden Indian wrapped in blankets in another attempt to make a fast buck. The following morning when the ship’s captain found out that his new crewmember was made out of wood, he threw it overboard. Almost 60 years later, two men operating a dredge recovered it.

The proprietor of a brothel known as Sweet Mary was another interesting character during the late 1800’s in the history of Portland. She operated her brothel on a barge that traveled on the Willamette River in order to avoid city laws and city taxes. She was outside of everybody’s jurisdiction, technically.

However, in the early 1900’s, those colorful early years of the history of Portland ended. The economy was stabilized by the wealth from supplying goods to the California Gold Rush and secure jobs in lumber mills. This provided the population of the community of Portland with additional time to regulate the unscrupulous activities on its busy waterfront.

A man named Simon Benson, who was a teetotalling philanthropist and lumber baron personified this change in attitude. Mr. Benson noticed the smell of liquor on the breath of one of his workers while walking through his mill one day. When Mr. Benson asked the man why they drank during the middle of the day, they replied that there wasn’t any fresh drinking water in the downtown area. After Mr. Benson heard this, he commenced commissioning 20 beautiful freshwater drinking fountains that are currently known as the Benson Bubblers. After these fountains were installed, the consumption of beer decreased by 25%.

To many residents of Portland, the community remains the paradise that so captured the enthusiasm of Mr. Overton long ago. For 25 cents it was a rather good investment.