Bend Lockbox

SIS NW’s SIS NW’sBend lockbox solution was developed for the unique needs of healthcare providers. Your medical practice has unique demands, so your SIS NW’s Bend electronic lockbox can be custom tailored to your specific needs. Our unique Bend lockbox solution automates all processing of private patient and insurance payments. Additionally, your Bend lockbox solution will be easy to implement and allow you to work with your current bank.

  • Your Bend Medical Lockbox allows you to sort all incoming mail by document type, and deposit checks the same day
  • Checks and backup information are stored in a secure, searchable Bend electronic lockbox portal for seven years
  • You can search your Bend medical lockbox documents for Patient Names, Account Numbers, Billing Codes, Dollar Amounts, etc.
  • EOB’s and patient payments can be converted into 835 and EFT files to automate posting to patient accounts in the Seattle medical lockbox

Bend Medical Lockbox

What follows is a brief overview of how SIS NW’s Bend medical lockbox service works:

  • Incoming mail is sorted into your Bend electronic lockbox by document type – insurance checks, patient payments, and correspondence.
  • Checks are deposited the same day, directly into your account, with all backup documentation recorded into your Bend lockbox.
  • All documents are scanned into your Bend medical lockbox and made available to the practice on the day of the deposit so that revenue can be posted quickly.
  • Checks and all backup information are stored in our secure Bend electronic lockbox portal for seven years to meet your retention requirements.
  • All documents stored in the Bend lockbox can be easily searched for Patient Names, Account Numbers, Billing Codes, Dollar Amounts, etc.
  • Our Bend medical lockbox allows for the optional conversion of EOBs and patient payments to 835 and EFT files.


More Benefits Provided By Our Bend Electronic Lockbox Service

  • Security and safety. Bend lockbox provides separation of duties and virtually eliminates the chance of fraud.
  • SIS NW’s Bend Lockbox reduces clerical work.
  • Instant access to EOBs and payment information.
  • HIPAA compliant portal keeps patient information safe and secure.
  • The Bend medical lockbox allows for same day deposits for improved cash flow.
  • Seven year archiving provides eliminates off-site storage expenses.
  • Annual savings of up to $10,000 per provider when using our Bend electronic lockbox.

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Bend OR Tidbits

The city that loves the outdoors is a proud mountain town that is always filled to capacity when it the time comes for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and even standup paddle boarding. While some can’t wait to get away from their modest hometowns for a vacation, the people of Bend, Oregon find no reason to leave.

With more than 80,000 residents, Bend is Central Oregon’s biggest city and is considered the area’s metropolis. For many thousands of years, only several Native American tribes had fished and hunted in the area. It was only in 1834 when fur trappers came upon the area and decided it was a good place to build a town.

In fact, the city was named Bend after Farewell Bend, the rendezvous point near the Deschutes River. It was incorporated in 1904 and has since become a major city for business and tourism. Called the “outdoor playground of the West”, Bend is well-known for its natural beauty and impressive historical sites.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, then Bend is your paradise. You can fish, boat, cycle, and camp during the summer and ski during the winter, which can sometimes drag on for too long. Thankfully, no one really minds the cold because Bend’s very own Deschutes Brewery is always open to serve your liquor needs. Year round, the brewery makes four impressive drinks that are popular among Bend’s watering holes: Black Butler Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Inversion IPA, Obsidian Stout, and Pacific Wonderland Lager.

Although there are around 24 breweries in Bend, the Deschutes Brewery still reigns supreme. It was founded in 1988 and has become the fifth largest brewery craft in the entire world. If you’re not a beer drinker, on the other hand, you can always head on over to the Wine Shop where you can taste your drink before buying it. You’ll have a hard time finding what you love, though, because everything tastes so good! It probably has something to do with the fact that the Willamette Valley, which contains 500 wineries, is just nearby.

If you want something more exciting than wine tasting, remember that Bend is just one of the three states in the country that has an extinct volcano in its city limits. Moreover, you will be able to see some lava rocks around the area. Also, you can visit the Volcanic Theater Pub for some good music and good food. The pub scene at Bend is diverse and electrifying, just as much as its arts, entertainment, and culture.

All throughout the year, the City of Bend celebrates history and heritage through music, film, and other artistic ventures. You can join the city’s First Friday Art Walk, where live music pours into the streets as art shows display various works all through the evening. Downtown Bend is a historical district and walking around it is the best exercise if you love the arts. After visiting various art galleries and museums, you can grab dinner at world-class restaurants or at humble bars around Bend’s alleys.

For a more moving performance, there’s the Tower Theater, which showcases musicals, plays, and other music events. It’s a local landmark that has been around since the 1940s and is considered the center of downtown Bend. The Les Schwab Amphitheater, meanwhile, is where most folks go to for live music and concerts. Looking for opera? Check out OperaBend or High Desert Chamber Music for a more elegant music affair. And because this is a highly diverse city, Bend also offers a swanky venue in the Oxford Hotel, which houses a jazz club for world-class musicians and their fans.

Bend has everything for everyone, even dog lovers. In 2012, a dog magazine called Bend “Dog Town USA”. Dining with your pets has never been more exciting. You don’t have to leave your dog outside if you want to grab a bite. There are over 40 restaurants willing to accommodate you and your canine best friend. There are 51 miles of urban trails where you can jog or walk with your pet and there are at least 13 off-leash places in city parks and recreational areas where your dog can just run around and have fun.

Since Bend is also well-known as a beer town, it’s not surprising to find residents bringing their dogs to breweries, enjoying both beer and canine company. You and your canine friend are welcome at 10 Barrel, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Co., GoodLife Brewing, Crux Fermentation Project, Worthy Brewing, and McMenamins Old St. Francis. Also, Bend offers a special non-alcoholic brew for your dog as well! Dawg Grog is an organic beer from Boneyard Beer made specifically for canines.

Bend is one of the greatest cities to visit to engage in athletic, artistic, historical, cultural, and culinary activities. It has a rich history and the best place to learn about it is at the Deschutes Historical Museum, where you can get the free Bend Heritage Walk app that lets you learn about the city’s heritage while taking a stroll around the area. During Halloween, the Deschutes Historical Society gives a creepy tour, the Historical Haunts of Downtown Bend, where visitors learn the museum and town’s real, creepy tales. With so many things to do at Bend, it’s no wonder the population is constantly growing. No one would want to leave!