Eliminating Paper

Paper documents and files continue to exist in most offices, slowing down administrative staff. Studies show that it can cost up to $200 if you misfile or lose a document! But when paper is converted to an electronic format, it enables your staff to focus on your business priorities, versus struggling with processing each small task.

If you’re involved in litigation, or the need to find something important to the business, most often searching through paper files can be similar to “searching for a needle in a haystack”. When it’s important to find, there’s no doubt that a computer-based search is preferable!


SIS NW is a leader in premier document scanning and converting unstructured documents into a searchable repository. Our reputation is built upon outstanding customer service, excellent quality, and process control. Our philosophy is to add value by providing more than just digital copies of your paper records. We add value by providing accurate cost estimates and getting the job done right the first time.

Office employee making document copies
Eliminate Paper


Our high-volume scanning operation can convert paper and other static documents to digital at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take you to perform the same work in-house.

Our rigid quality assurance methodology ensures consistent high-quality images and ensures that when you search for your documents, you’ll be able to instantly find all the details you need to see.

Data management scanner


We work closely with you to uncover and document your specific requirements. Our consultative approach provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of our decades of experience helping
other customers like you.


Large format documents like blueprints, maps and schematics can take up huge amounts of limited and expensive office space. Scanning large format documents into digital format and removing the physical documents from your premises can free up valuable space, provide a disaster recovery copy, and make information instantly accessible. Digital indexing makes scanned documents easily accessible for viewing and collaboration.

These are some of the industries that can benefit from our large document scanning services:

  • Architects, Contractors and Engineers
  • Construction Companies
  • Government Land Use & Engineering
  • Attorneys, Title Services and Real Estate
  • Educational Facilities, Museums & Archivists
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Microfilm records


Despite microfilm being a storage medium rarely used today, billions of pages of corporate and government records still exist as necessary files. Microfiche and Microfilm are very inefficient and can decay over time. If you have valuable information in this format and need continued access, SIS NW can convert it to a digital format. If your old microfilm equipment no longer works and you can’t find parts or service, consider digitizing your microfilm or microfiche through us.