SIS NW automates time and labor intensive processes like mailroom, receivables, payables, and medical records — keeping information secure and confidential.

OUTSOURCE office work

To the healthcare workers and other essential workers helping the public during this pandemic, thank you. We are indebted to all of you.
With COVID-19 quarantines, it’s especially difficult to keep financial operations running well from home offices. Our outsourcing services can help you during this crisis and help you prepare for the “new normal” where many workers will be expected to work remotely.  Established in 2008, our operations are ready to serve new clients. Please reach out to us at:


Processing confidential information has costs and risks when working from home.  Our outsource services improve the accuracy of work, keep personal and financial information secure, and often save you 50% or more in labor.
We automate your mailroom processes, accounts payable, account receivables, insurance claims, HR documents, records requests, and other office administrative tasks.

working from home has business RISKS

When check deposits, data entry, medical records processing, payments, human resources, or other confidential work is done from home, it can expose your business to many issues:
  • HIPAA compliance issues
  • Lack of visibility into business operations
  • Financial compliance issues
  • Embezzlement
  • Unnecessary labor costs
  • Dissatisfaction from customers and vendors


SIS NW services reduce costs, improve accuracy, and ensure timely processing of information. 
We provide:
  • Best business practices combined with strong technology and automation that validates accuracy of work
  • Rich digitization, categorization, and indexing of data
  • Integration with your accounting and enterprise software systems
  • Pay as you go services based on volume of work


  • We set up a PO box
  • We open and scan your mail
  • We sort mail using artificial intelligence with human review
  • We capture data and scan where needed
  • We route approvals to you and provide an audit trail
  • You get notified and have visibility into each task through an easy to use dashboard
  • We deposit payments
  • Quality control is built into every step of the process

See how SIS NW services work & take our tour.

See how SIS NW services work and take our tour. We create positive change to your office operations. Your business runs smoother, faster, and simpler. Tour our facilities here to learn more.