SIS NW specializes in automating work processes, reducing the headache of processing documents from email, paper, or fax—while managing sensitive information such as confidential records.

A message about COVID-19

To the healthcare workers and other essential workers helping the public during this pandemic, thank you. We are indebted to all of you. 
At SIS NW we are committed to maintaining a high level of service to our customers, while protecting the health of our employees and members of our communities.  We are closely monitoring and implementing recommendations from the CDC, WHO, Washington State Department of Health, and the Oregon Health Authority.  If you have any questions during this challenging time, please reach out to us at


Most administrative staff are challenged to complete all the daily, repetitive tasks on a timely basis—and without making mistakes.

Our services automate processes for your mailroom, accounts payable, account receivables, insurance claims, static documents, records requests, or other office processes.

Business document review

Why use our technology-based services?

We modernize your office through our affordable services, helping you run faster, leaner, and giving you a competitive edge.

  • Labor time and mistakes are reduced when processing records, documents, or payments
  • We save you money, increasing business profits
  • You can access information faster and easier

How do we do it?

SIS NW services ensure accuracy and efficiency of costs.

We use:

  • Best business practices combined with strong technology that validate accuracy of work
  • Rich digitization, categorization, and indexing of data
  • Integration with your accounting and enterprise software systems
  • Automation of processes, wherever possible, to keep your costs reduced
  • Pay as you go services
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See how SIS NW services work & take our tour.

See how SIS NW services work and take our tour. We create positive change to your office operations. Your business runs smoother, faster, and simpler. Tour our facilities here to learn more.