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SIS NW’s Bellevue lockbox solution was developed for the unique needs of healthcare providers. Your medical practice has unique demands, so your SIS NW’s Bellevue electronic lockbox can be custom tailored to your specific needs. Our unique Bellevue lockbox solution automates all processing of private patient and insurance payments. Additionally, your Bellevue lockbox solution will be easy to implement and allow you to work with your current bank.
  • Your Bellevue Medical Lockbox allows you to sort all incoming mail by document type, and deposit checks the same day
  • Checks and backup information are stored in a secure, searchable Bellevue electronic lockbox portal for seven years
  • You can search your Bellevue medical lockbox documents for Patient Names, Account Numbers, Billing Codes, Dollar Amounts, etc.
  • EOB’s and patient payments can be converted into 835 and EFT files to automate posting to patient accounts in the Seattle medical lockbox

Bellevue Medical Lockbox

What follows is a brief overview of how SIS NW’s Bellevue medical lockbox service works:
  • Incoming mail is sorted into your Bellevue electronic lockbox by document type – insurance checks, patient payments, and correspondence.
  • Checks are deposited the same day, directly into your account, with all backup documentation recorded into your Bellevue lockbox.
  • All documents are scanned into your Bellevue medical lockbox and made available to the practice on the day of the deposit so that revenue can be posted quickly.
  • Checks and all backup information are stored in our secure Bellevue electronic lockbox portal for seven years to meet your retention requirements.
  • All documents stored in the Bellevue lockbox can be easily searched for Patient Names, Account Numbers, Billing Codes, Dollar Amounts, etc.
  • Our Bellevue medical lockbox allows for the optional conversion of EOBs and patient payments to 835 and EFT files.

More Benefits Provided By Our Bellevue Electronic Lockbox Service

  • Security and safety. Bellevue lockbox provides separation of duties and virtually eliminates the chance of fraud.
  • SIS NW's Bellevue Lockbox reduces clerical work.
  • Instant access to EOBs and payment information.
  • HIPAA compliant portal keeps patient information safe and secure.
  • The Bellevue medical lockbox allows for same day deposits for improved cash flow.
  • Seven year archiving provides eliminates off-site storage expenses.
  • Annual savings of up to $10,000 per provider when using our Bellevue electronic lockbox.
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